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Québec City, Québec

In 2018, at the end of the Technology Showcase, the City of Quebec acquired a full license of OPA’s software. Throughout the showcase organized for the intelligent mobility departments, economic and transportation development, OPA implemented its tool to effectively manage traffic obstructions and communication between the City’s departments and external stakeholders.

Nature and Complexity of the Project

The simplicity and the performance of the software allowed on short notice, to effectively implement detours, by centralizing more than 2,000 projects in the City of Quebec, no matter the types of obstacles, the duration , and the scope of the project.

Configuration and Implementation: 5 Easy Steps

  • Integrate GIS layers and data (from the City, Quebec Ministry of Transportation and the City-urban public transit services)
  • Configure smart sheet with fields and attributes of the projects
  • Integration of the projects for an up and running session
  • Create access to users with all 3 types of profiles (admin, editor and read-only)
  • Keeping up to date with 4 trainings per year
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Key Benefits

Organizing, planning and managing road obstructions by simplifying collaboration
Real-time pro-active collaboration avoiding conflicts between construction sites and traffic detours, or obstacles and bus stops
Upstream conflicts resolution between all stakeholders, eliminating “on the ground” issues
Simplified user-experience (quick learning process)
Implementation of the software on short notice (weeks)
Quick return on investment, increased productivity in managing mobility throughout the city
Hosted solution, available 24/7 (to registered users)

Innovative Components

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Ms. Arnouk and her team have been able to work effectively to respond to the requests and have been reactive and available to meet expectations and address challenges to meet requirements. I sincerely believe that the OPA software is an effective tool for managing road closures and communication between different internal and external services of a city. The user-friendliness of the application as well as the ease of personalizing it to meet the needs of users make this tool its strengths. The software demonstrates a significant benefit to the City, thanks to the centralization of information for the planning of traffic obstructions as well as the coordination in real-time with various services of the city. We have more than 1,000 projects registered in the software.
Minh-Tam Nguyen
Engineer | Team Leader, City of Quebec

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