A Complete Management Platform

For the past 6 years, OPA Technologies has been developing state-of-the-art tools for cities and companies alike that face complex challenges in road management. By offering a vertically integrated solution, RoadWorks caters to everyone involved in making our roads better and safer. It’s the power of GIS without the complexity, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Plan your work

Add upcoming road work projects with customizable interface, forms, documents, and more according to the client needs. Visualize projects in space and time supporting decision-making and planning with Ghantt Chart tool.

Manage detours & conflicts

Automatic conflict detection in space and time to help the work team to anticipate possible constraints in road work projects to better manage detours and road closures issues.


Online updates of road works projects to allow on the field and office teams to coordinate, reschedule, update information, share documents and publish information.


Share information with clients, employees, citizens, and partners about projects undergoing directly by mail or by publishing information on the company/city web site and Waze.

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